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Decorative handrails.

Handrails can quite often be dull and municipal looking, but with a little consideration and experimentation a handrail can become a feature to the architecture of the building and not just a safety rail. A well made set of stone … Continue reading

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Blacksmith made casement windows.

Blacksmith made casement windows can be found on tudor to mid Victoria buidings and where made of wrought iron, the windows where either a fixed casement, which consisted of an iron surround with the leaded glass tinned to the frame, … Continue reading

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Working with other craftsmen.

Working with other craftsmen is a very interesting and engaging experience, learning new skills and ideas and different perspectives , one has to keep an open mind, everyone has there own way of working to get to the end result. … Continue reading

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Victorian style lamp restoration.

The main reason for this victorian style lamp restoration was the 1/4″ iron rods that were designed to strengthen the corners of the lamp cage its self, had ironically caused the demise of the lamp, the mixing of the ferrous … Continue reading

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Wordsmith meets blacksmith.

On the bitterly cold morning of february 16th journalist penelope baddeley came to the georgian forge to interview me For a feature in the derbyshire life magazine. We talked for a couple of hours about all aspects of the craft … Continue reading

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Fixing modern locks to period properties.

Today insurers require 5 lever mortice locks to be fitted to your property, otherwise they will not insure your home against burglary, which is fair enough, the modern 5 lever mortice lock is very hard to pick, whereas the old … Continue reading

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Animal heads

Some of the earliest use of animal heads in blacksmithing date back to the late iron age, one particular example is the Capel Garmen firedogs which have decorated ┬ástylised horse heads with damatically forged manes , they date form 50 … Continue reading

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The painting of exterior ironwork, always, from my perspective seems to spoil the effect of the forged metal and masks the texture of the iron too, we go to great pains to design and execute a unique piece of work, … Continue reading

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Norfolk latch.

The invention of the Norfolk latch during the early industrial revolution was seen as a nail in the coffin for the village blacksmith, the suffolk latch was in decline , and with it the masterful creative manifestations of the craftsmans … Continue reading

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Horseshoes as charms.

Horseshoes have been used as charms and protection against evil spirits from very early times, iron nails were driven in to house doors to keep away the plague and pestilence , the custom of nailing horseshoes above the door for … Continue reading

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