Having forged metal for the last 20 years, Darren Ainsworth is an award winning traditional blacksmith. Rejecting the temptations of modern power tools in favour of hand tools only he is  inspired by the texture, character, crude beauty and naive workmanship seen best in the works crafted by the rarely celebrated humble village smith of old England.

These artisans, wielding only hand tools which they themselves created and the knowledge handed down through generations forged the agricultural, architectural and domestic ironwork which graces the vernacular of stately homes and humble abodes alike.

Many examples of this history can be seen in the villages of North Wales; the Peak District and Western Scotland. Inherent in the simple latch, hinge or gate is an alchemy of process and structure that many a modern blacksmith would both marvel at and be confounded by.

Aiming to emulate the essence of this historic approach, Darren’s artistry holds firm to the ‘7 Principles’ of true and pure Blacksmithery.

Working daily as a shoeing smith, traditional blacksmith and wheelwright Darren has completed every facet of his craft.

Pictures by Tom Nicholls Photography

Pictures by by Mark Lord photography


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