Blacksmith made casement windows.

Blacksmith made casement windows can be found on tudor to mid Victoria buidings and where made of wrought iron, the windows where either a fixed casement, which consisted of an iron surround with the leaded glass tinned to the frame, the taller windows
can have one or two saddlebars which are dovetailed into the edges of the frame, the purpose of the saddlebar is to
provide rigidity and to fix the leaded glass to by a soldered wire.
The opening casement consists of two frames , the larger frame is the frame proper which supports the hinge pintels
and the smaller frame is the opening casement, the saddlebars on the inner casement usually form a decorative back plate
for the swivel catches to rivet to, the original windows didnt have fastener along the bottom edge of the frame to hold it open
or shut, but instead had a cresent shaped stop outside with a spring, so when the window was opened it rode along the spring
and jumped off the end and became fixed against the stop, this engenious device stopped the frame rattling when it was open,
typical blacksmithing ,simple is best!
daz ironwork dec 12 008

daz ironwork dec 12 009

daz ironwork dec 12 010

daz ironwork dec 12 011daz ironwork dec 12 009

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