Victorian style lamp restoration.

The main reason for this victorian style lamp restoration was the 1/4″ iron rods that were designed to strengthen the corners of the lamp cage its self, had ironically caused the demise of the lamp, the mixing of the ferrous and non ferrous metals caused the copper corners to bend and buckle as the iron rusted beneath it, the glass then cracks and solder joints are forced apart, below is how the lamp looked after it was stripped down.

daz ironworkapril 16 009

These are the rusty iron rods removed.

daz ironwork feb 2016 021

The cage has collapsed with the rods removed.

daz ironwork feb 2016 020

The base which holds the lamp to the lamp post was also badly rusted, a new ring was firewelded
together and the arms were swaged to make half round section then bent and then riveted to the ring.

daz ironworkapril 16 010

The cage was resoldered together.

daz ironworkapril 16 011

A new reflector plate was made and fitted.

daz ironworkapril 16 012

daz ironworkapril 16 014

And finally the lamp was glazed, sprayed and fitted to the lamp post and rewired.

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