Wordsmith meets blacksmith.

On the bitterly cold morning of february 16th journalist penelope baddeley came to the georgian forge to interview me
For a feature in the derbyshire life magazine.
We talked for a couple of hours about all aspects of the craft of blacksmithing and the long road of learning of what it
Takes to become a blacksmith, shoeing smith and wheelwright, penny works in the old school way like me, prefering to take down
Her notes in shorthand rather than using a voice recorder, and keeping that skill alive.
Penny really captured my passion for the craft,inspirations and my quest to rediscover lost traditional techniques.
If you are interested in reading the finished article it is on page 122 of the april edition of the derbyshire life magazine,
In my opinion an excellent piece of wordsmithing.

daz ironworkapril 16 019

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