Fixing modern locks to period properties.

Today insurers require 5 lever mortice locks to be fitted to your property, otherwise they will not insure your home against burglary, which is fair enough, the modern 5 lever mortice lock is very hard to pick, whereas the old warded and barrel locks are relatively easy to someone with a bit of knowledge and a few crude tools.
The fitting of a mortice lock requires at best a 2″ thick door , for a strong job that is, but a lot of old cottages only have a plank and ledge door, which are probably 1″ thick at the most, so other than having a new door and frame fixed in, the answer is to have a hardwood box made for the mortice lock and strengthen it with steel.
the example below is bolted right through the door with coach bolts and decorated nuts on the inside, also the keep is covered with its own oak box and covered with decorated steel work, and again bolted right through the 3 1/2″ frame, all together making a thoroughly strong job.

daz ironwork feb 2016 017

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