The painting of exterior ironwork, always, from my perspective seems to spoil the effect of the forged metal and masks the texture of the iron too, we go to great pains to design and execute a unique piece of work, which is both tactile and beautiful , only to cover it in paint, we can educate the client that the best way to preserve the natural texture of iron is to coat the surface with linseed oil and turps liberally, then wipe off the excess, the same effect can be achieved with liquid floor wax or beeswax.
The best natural patina effect can be found where the surface of the metal has been worn with the acidic perspiration of peoples hands, maintenance is quickly achieved by rubbing any rust spots with an abrasive
then recoating and wiping off , it takes considerably less time than applying a coat of paint and the effect is incomparably superior, however the process has to be done more frequently.
The work below is sited on mam tor and the patina is created by peoples feet walking on the work , which is fixed into the stones with lead, they have been sited there for approx seven years and show virtually no rusting, that’s amazing , as they are totally exposed to the Derbyshire weather

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