Norfolk latch.

scotland 2015 july 022

The invention of the Norfolk latch during the early industrial revolution was seen as a nail in the coffin for the village blacksmith, the suffolk latch was in decline , and with it the masterful creative manifestations of the craftsmans mind that produced the latch artistry in a small and intimate way.

Heavy machinery was now casting and stamping out the norfolk latch components by the thousands, all that was needed now was for an unskilled worker to fit the three parts of the latch together.

The suffolk latch is made by hammering out the metal at the ends of the handle until very thin, this works well if one is trying to achieve a intricate shape , but in making the latch in the photo above,
depth was needed to forge the motif in relief , so this time , the design of the norfolk latch was the only way to go!.

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