Ancient Horseshoe to Iron spoon.

daz celtic keyhole spoon apr 14 011

Whilst metal detecting one tends to find lots of iron, mainly in the form of horse and ox shoes,and also lots of broken shoes, like the example above, this style of shoe can be dated to the fourteenth century and is called a dove shoe ( from its discovery in the river dove in staffordshire).
The shoe is a very similar to the earlier celtic shoe in shape, but the main change being the style of nail which now is a one sided T headed nail( note the depression of the nail hole in the photo). We can assume that the shoe is likely to have been made of charcoal iron, and its not every day you get the chance to forge some iron thats been made using charcoal, so just to prove that scrap iron 600 years old , can be recycled, here goes;

daz celtic keyhole spoon apr 14 012

The first task was to straighten the shoe out, this gave an idea of the quality of the iron, which turned out to be very good.

daz celtic keyhole spoon apr 14 013

After folding and forgewelding the iron approx six times , every time forging more and more impurities out of the iron.
This is what i was left with, a very refined useable lump of metal measuring 1/2″x5/16″ about 3″ long.

daz celtic keyhole spoon apr 14 014

So what to do with this newly forged piece of iron, this is the part that really does it for me, turning something useless into something useful, so i forged a tee spoon , which i use every day in the forge!.

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